One Day, Everyone Will Get Fed Up, and You'll Have No Friends

by Oh Dear!/Jacob John



released October 21, 2012

tracks 1-3 written and recorded by Brandon Sagnella (Oh Dear!)
tracks 4-6 written and recorded by Jacob John
art by Brandon Sagnella and Jacob John
mastered by Levi Seitz at Black Belt Mastering

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Jacob John Tacoma, Washington

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Track Name: Jacob John - Just Passing By
Taking a breath
Lying awake
Singing this song
Over again
Liked you a lot
Saw you again
Sylvia's song
Took you all in
I'll leave you until
You know me enough
Like you the same
Stepping out of frame

I saw you on a bird
Taking a ride
When I asked for your name
You said "I'm just passing by"
Followed you over the hill
To a place where you sleep
Left a note under your door
That said I wanna be free
Like you, with me
Cause I'm feeling like

Tomorrow's a void
That nothing can fill
My cowardly breath
Feet standing still
So meet me halfway
From here to the sky
Hold you until
There's no reason why
Tonight, I will crown
My victory head
Lava lamp dreams
While I'm in bed

Till you turn on the lights
Sometime in the night
Gently open the door
And you let me inside
You take a look at my face
And I seem so surprised
You tell me It's all ok
That we're just passing by
Like you, with me
We're just passing by

Passing by
Track Name: Jacob John - It's a Hard Place to Shake
The road is straight and narrow
Stumble on
You cry inside your bedroom
When they're gone
You were looking for lovers
Couldn't find any other
Seas upon
You crashed your car in your neighbor's
Perfect green lawn
And couldn't lie to your mother
her love was too strong
Still you feel like a monster
Like you live in a world where you don't belong

And all your friends will tell you all your songs are good
But you know it's all shit
You know

It's a hard place to shake

Your best friend moved to Chicago
Isn't that so cliche
Painting songs like the wind
He makes a dollar a day
But you don't know what you want yet
Maybe next week you'll be brunette
The sun reigns over your hometown
Dried up and lifeless grass
But everybody's certain
Going places so fast
And you just try to decide
If you should live or die

Oh mocking bird, what are you tonight?
But a tired lonely star

It's a hard place to shake
But do a favor just for me
Track Name: Jacob John - Smoking Car
I've stolen the distance from a thousand stars
Middle of nowhere like a smoking car
I'm checking my map, I think I've gone too far
Holding my light up wondering where you are
I saw a dying bird just laying on the ground
Saw his mind made up too late to make a sound
Now his suffering's gone, it doesn't hang around

My love is a sadness I cannot contain
I would give everything up for anything
Tonight I will dream over a bright blue star
Holding the light up wondering where you are
I'm trying hard to be a better man
But I often need something to take my hand
Just something small like a grain of sand

I've borrowed the presage from a burning sun
I'd carry it onward, but it weighs a ton
The side of the highway in my smoking car
Holding my light up wondering where you are
It isn't hard to see it all just disappear
See it flickering before it's never there
Call a friend to see if you can shed a tear

My heart is a boulder, it can break down walls
Demolish your castle when you get the call
I'm checking my map, I know I've gone too far
Turning my light off, wondering where you are